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8 Mar


GTG Records (AKA Good Time Gang Recordings) is an independent record label, musical collective, and DIY community based in Lansing, Michigan. The label was founded by the members of The Plurals in 2005 and is run co-operatively by the bands on the roster. All of the bands on the GTG roster help the other bands on the roster by assisting with recording, production, promotion, artistic design, hanging out, or any combination of the above. GTG has proudly partnered with Bermuda Mohawk Productions, Big Gig Productions, It Takes A Village to Make Records, and Silver Maple Kill Records on various releases and projects.

Contact Tommy Plural at  gtgrecords at gmail dot com for further inquiries. He talks too much, so we call him the “press agent” or “public relations person” or “record label guy.”


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GTG Records – In Print

7 Dec

NEW GTG STORE COMING – we’re overdue. Music posted in the meantime will link to bandcamp pages for the respective release. Thanks so much for all the love and keep it coming!

Here is a list of the in print GTG Records catalog; high quality downloads are available at Bandcamp and the Big Gig / GTG webstore. Updated 10/25/15


Dreadpool Parker CD (GTG080)


Debut disc from New Jersey rap crew featuring MCs Raymond Strife and Wade Wilson collaborating with DJ Dready Mercury. Punk energy and attitude runs through all of the verses and beats on this slab o’ plastic.


The Plurals “An Onion Tied To My Belt” LP/CD (GTG078)

onion 3

12 sincere power-trio tunes filtered through Midwestern punk and hooky noise-pop, four lead vocals per Plural, mixed by Eric Merckling, recorded by Eric Merckling, Isaac Vander Schuur, and The Plurals at CrookedSound, Epiphany Sound, and GTG House, mastered by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers, artwork by Tony Goggles, both 12-inch vinyl and 4.65 inch CDs available, and it’s a co-release by GTG, Infintesmal Records, and Diet Pop Records.

Honah Lee “33 On 35” LP (GTG077)
Honah Lee returns with their 3rd album and first vinyl release! 33 On 45 (a reference to the band’s tendency to perform songs live at breakneck speed) was recorded with Joe Boldizar at Retro City Studios in Philadelphia, PA throughout 2013 and 2014 between Honah Lee’s many tours and it features both their heaviest and catchiest music to date. Influenced by the sugary distorted frenzy of the early work of Foo Fighters and Weezer, Honah Lee marry their punk rock energy to strong songwriting on 33 On 45 to create what feels like a warp-speed Greatest Hits album that packs in more hooks than its just-under-a-half-hour running time would suggest. “You can hear a strong affinity for caterwauling Nineties acts from the Lemonheads to Superchunk, guitar solos that fly in the face of millennial conformity, and a rhythm section that sounds like it’s a six-pack away from a head-on collision with an 18 wheeler” – Jim Testa, Jersey Beat. $10, digital download available here.

Not the Bees! / City Limits split 7-inch
Way too many shout-along worthy anthemic hooks are crammed into the four songs on this split by two north Jersey basement punk greats. This is also the final release by Not the Bees, so put it on and try not to cry into your beer! $5. Digital download available from the bands and Death to False Hope Records.

Honah Lee “Music To Look At” DVD
DVD release of Honah Lee’s 2014 music video series (that’s one a month kids!) plus other bonus videos including their classic clip for “I Hate My Job.” The DVD also serves as a companion piece to their 2015 LP 33 On 45. Limited pressing, get it while you can! $10

The Plurals “Chazzwazzers” (GTG075)

6 new recordings from the Michigan punk-influenced fuzzy, melodic, midwestern rock and roll trio, this time largely acoustic guitar driven. Features 2 alternate versions of songs from the 2015 LP “An Onion Tied To My Belt” and 4 brand new songs. Download on bandcamp for free or pay-what-you-want!

The Fiction Junkies “Morbidly Obtuse” CD (GTG072)

Debut release from demented pop/rock outfit featuring members of Josh David and the Dream Jeans, the Hat Madder, Jackpine Snag, etc. Reference points range from Talking Heads to Minutemen to Pixies. $5. Digital download available here.

The Break-Ups “Frankie’s Baby” (GTG074)

The first release in several years from Michigan indie rock act featuring 4 new songs performed with stripped down instrumentation and prominent vocal harmonies. Digital download available here.

Frank and Earnest “Modern Country” CD (GTG071)
frank and earnest front cover10 new songs from Lansing’s favorite “stupid guys” (who, to no one’s greater confusion than their own, are somehow two-time City Pulse Top of the Town “Best Local Band” winners and one of the only bands to get mentioned in the “culture” section of the Lansing wikipedia page), tackling themes of dissatisfaction at the onset of adulthood, wrapped up in a pop-punk influenced rock and roll package with hints of Americana. “With their brand of gritty, witty Descendents-esque pop punk, Frank and Earnest hit another home run. There might be a few straggling moments, but they pass the finish line with another great record.” – LansingMusicTV. $7

Digital download available here.

Cave Needles CD (GTG070)

caveneedlescover21st Century, shoegazey beach rock that owes debts to contemporaries such as Real Estate, Wild Nothing, and the Appleseed Cast as well as classic 1980s 4AD Records acts like This Mortal Coil. Features former members of You Blew It! and Homelife. $7

secretoftheboozeHunky Newcomers “Secret of the Booze” LP (GTG069)

“A greasy 12″ slab of bail-jumping, parole-violating punk rock. Black vinyl, limited to 500 copies, and pressed in Detroit, MI. Plays at 45rpm speed for short attention spans and comes complete with a digital download and lyric sheet so you can sing along with your cellmate.” –
Order the 12″ vinyl from our pals at Bermuda Mohawk Productions.

Digital download (and other Hunky goodies) also available here.

The Plurals / Black Sparrow Press split 7-inch (GTG064)
PLuralsBSPsplitFRONTSMALLTwo brand new songs apiece from Michigan punk ‘n rollers the Plurals and San Pedro, California’s very own brash, heartfelt, melodic party punks Black Sparrow Press. “A great old school post-hardcore sound, with loads of bounciness” – Jersey Beat. This split features hand drawn artwork from BSP drummer Danny Andrew, a fine artist in his own right. Split release with Minor Bird Records and Something Dancey. $5

Narc Out the Reds “Have Just Enough to Cover Up” CD (GTG067)
The third release from these Lansing favorites continues the streak of paranoia-infused “prog pop” with a greater emphasis on the “progressive” this time around. Over the course of these five songs the influence points pivot from New Wave of British Heavy Metal riffs to Cure-ish atmospherics to vocal melodies that would do Freddie Mercury proud with a foray into beat poetry (!?) along the way. Instead of being disjointed, however, this is clearly the work of a band with a vision and the whole thing plays well as a continuous suite. Crisply recorded and mixed by our own Isaac Vander Schuur and mastered by knob fiddler extraordinaire Glenn Brown, we highly recommend you cover up with this EP for the winter. $5

Cat Midway LP (GTG062)
Debut LP by Lansing-based self-described “one-woman band with pots and pans, a guitar, some pills, and a tambourine!” Cat Midway cites influences ranging from the Ramones to Lucinda Williams, and the resulting music is a quietly intense spin on folk music conventions with a punk attitude throughout. Expertly recorded by Corey Derushia at Troubadour Recording in Lansing, MI, 12-inch LP manufactured at Archer Records in Detroit. $10

Digital download available here.

GTG Records: It’s Fine
ItsFineGTGcompart-WEB14 new songs by artists with upcoming releases on GTG Records, most of them exclusive to this compilation. Featuring songs by Drinking Mercury, Hunky Newcomers, Cat Midway, the Plurals, Not the Bees!, Frank and Earnest, Molly Rhythm, Honah Lee, Narc Out the Reds, middleman, Black Sparrow Press, CrookedSound, Stargrazer, and the Hat Madder.
Download at bandcamp for a pay-what-you-want fee. Proceeds go to make more records!

The Hat Madder “Orgy Opposite” LP (GTG060)
HATMADDERORGYOPPOSITEThe Hat Madder have outdone themselves with Orgy Opposite. This time around the pop songs are catchier, the noisy songs are crazier, the instrumentation is more adventurous (strings? drum loops? church organ? wha?!?!?), and the arrangements are bigger. But whereas many bands would fall flat in the face of their own ambitions, Isaac and co. hold it all together and it’s one of the great records that is not only engaging on the first listen but also a grower that rewards repeated listens. “A fine piece of vaguely grungy, semi-new wavey, pop-rock goodness” – Razorcake. Mixed by Scott Bozack, 12″ LP mastered by Jim Diamond. $10

Digital download available here and here.

The Need You Nows “Joey Lawrence Pubic Domain” (GTG059) Another “Snowhawk” to real-world offender, this band finds two Plurals and one Frank and Earnester (we’ve gotta find a better way to simplify that) playing dumb, catchy, pop-punk that they probably think is more clever than it is. Originally available as a limited release at GTG Fest 2012, you can download these 7 glorious songs for a pay what you want price (proceeds going to put out more sweet GTG releases!) at bandcamp.

Not the Bees “Another Hour to Burn” CD (GTG058)

Debut EP from melodic north Jersey basement punks. The Hot Water Music influence is not understated by any means, but the guys aren’t afraid of doing their own thing,  dipping into catchy Face to Face style choruses or embracing atmospheric, almost psychedelic, musical interludes. 5 great tunes of working class, enduring punk rock anthems. Features killer art by Jersey artist/ musician/ filmmaker Anthony Catanese. Get sweaty and shout along. $5

Various Artists “Secret Identities: Lansing Covers Lansing” CD (GTG056)

A tribute to the capital city home of GTG Records, Secret Identities was compiled by Sean Bradley of LansingMusicTV, who co-released this CD with GTG Records. A wide rang of genres from folk to hardcore to punk to pop, spanning artists from the 1960s to today, are covered here, featuring performances by many GTG bands (The Plurals, Narc Out the Reds, Small Houses, Frank and Earnest, Drinking Mercury, Jason Alarm, The Break-Ups) and other great Lansing bands (Calliope, Fields of Industry, Cavalcade, American Gothic). Artists covered on the compilation include Small Brown Bike, Flatfoot, The Fix, The Ones, Jen Sygit, Ronnie Hernandez and the Sweet Energy, Cathy Illman and more. By no means a definitive catch-all for the great and diverse music of Lansing, but a decent place to start. $5

Small Houses “North” CD (GTG055)

New full-length from Jeremy Quentin’s Small Houses project. This album finds Small Houses exploring the more subdued and melancholy textures of their indie-folk sound, with Quentin’s vulnerable voice and intricate guitar playing firmly in center stage. A definite-must listen for the Johnny-come-latelys of the Mumford and Sons crowd – this is the real deal, begrudging midwestern stoicism intact. $8

Drinking Mercury “Orcades” full-length CD (GTG054)
The long-awaited full-length album from GTG’s spacey godfathers. Dreamy folk-rock, noisy shoegaze, and classic alternative rock sounds intermingle within a 13 track song cycle. “The vocals are absolutely amazing and all the musicians are extremely talented at what they do. The dynamics are complicated and beautiful, and it’s just awesome.” – Idle and the Bear. $7

CD Out of Print, Download at Bandcamp!

Frank and Earnest/ The Plurals “Funemployment” split 7-inch (GTG051)

2 brand new songs apiece from the crown/clown prince/princesses (we’ll let you decide who’s who) of GTG. The Plurals turn in anthemic paeans to dissatisfaction, while Frank and Earnest continue down the ragged midwestern singer-songwriter punk path of last year’s excellent Old Francis.Recorded in a weekend in the spring of 2011 and available on a fine slab of 7-inch vinyl (digital download code included), Funemployment is a great new addition to the catalog of two of Michigan’s finest. $5

Honah Lee “Life Won’t Let Me” (GTG049)

  9 songs from the hardworking New Jersey party machine Honah Lee that find the boys confronting the reality of “growing up” and deciding to give life the finger and crank up the guitars. The songs are catchy and the guitars are wailing with all pretense checked in at the door, creating an  infectious sound recalling everything from the early (more rockin’) days of Foo Fighters, Weezer, and The Replacements to the anthemic punk rock of Against Me! and regional brethren The Bouncing Souls. A must for anyone who wants a wicked soundtrack to live life by their own terms. CD Out-Of-Stock, Download from iTunes

The Plurals “The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective” (GTG047)

A 9 song rush of pop-infused garage-punk-alt-whatever, concisely crafted and busted out by The Plurals mostly live in the studio. Eric Merckling (CrookedSound) returns to the mixing desk for what has already been declared the finest work by The Plurals to date. “It’s their Zen Arcade, their Double Nickels. The record where they truly put to disc what we’ve always seen them do live. Futurospective is the past and the future all in one place, with a voice that is undeniably their own. No hype, no bandwagon-jumping, no bullshit. Album of the year, hands down.” – Ryan @ Lexington Music Press. $7

You can also download this record at bandcamp.

Various Artists “The Metaphorical Steven” (GTG046)

Brand new 15 song compilation of the GTG Records crew in the first half of 2011. All of these songs were released between spring 2010 and spring 2011, with some of the songs being exclusive to this compilation. This compilation is available for free download here (although donations are welcome). Featuring a nice ride of sounds ranging from pop to noise, acoustic to bombastic, and tranquil to heavy, The Metaphorical Steven captures the feeling of this particular music scene at this particular time. Artwork by Dave Dunn. Features songs from The Hat Madder, Frank and Earnest, The Plurals, Small Houses, Drinking Mercury, Honah Lee, Josh David and the Dream Jeans, Calliope, middleman, Stargrazer, Jason Alarm, Fade to Black, CrookedSound, and The Break-Ups.

Drinking Mercury “Words” (GTG045)

Six tracks culled from the sessions for the group’s as-yet-untitled long awaited full-length album due out this summer. “Words” features psychedelic melodic rock with folk and shoegaze leanings throughout and is the first release from the band since 2006. Serving as both a crash course in the decade-long evolution of Drinking Mercury and a teaser for a long overdue full-length from the band, Sean Bradley of Lansing Music TV calls the EP “infectious and instantly recognizable.” $5

The Plurals “Austin Gump” (GTG043)

Digital-only 5 song offering from The Plurals, featuring 3 new “rawk” tunes recorded by Isaac Vander Schuur (The Hat Madder) and 2 acousticky tracks cut with Eric Merckling (CrookedSound). A nice little slice of what is to come from the perennial GTG trio, with the pull of both noise and pop resulting in a great little musical tug of war. Download it at the Big Gig / GTG webstore. $3 download in wav, mp3, whatevea w/ artwork.

Various Artists “Explosions: Lansing Salutes Devo” (GTG042)

A years in the making compilation / tribute to Devo finally comes to light courtesy of GTG. Many GTG artists are featured on this compilation (The Hat Madder, The Plurals, Narc Out the Reds, Frank and Earnest) along with some friends we’ve worked with many times and some people we’re psyched to finally get a chance to work with (particularly Thick Records artist Calliope, longtime staples of the Lansing music scene and a personal favorite of the GTG crew). The end result is a fantastic joyride through the Devo catalog ranging from faithful renditions to dramatic re-interpretations. Recommended for fans of Devo and any of the artists involved, or just anyone curious about music… so… everyone! Listen to it on bandcamp!

Stargrazer “Trieste” (GTG039)

A fascinating instrumental interpretation of a dive to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in 1960 by the submarine Trieste. This EP is perhaps the most unique contribution to the GTG catalog, which has already been described by the British music site Oh Drat as a “compelling narrative that left me feeling electric.” Download it for a pay-what-you want price over at Stargrazer’s bandcamp page.

Frank and Earnest “Old Francis” (GTG038)

Another debut release from an up-and-coming Michigan band that features ex-and current members of The Cartridge Family, The Tease, Hell or Highwater and Shoelace. Frank and Earnest weave story-telling and melodic punk into an engaging mix that will leave the listener checking the liner notes to “dog-ear” their favorite clever turns of phrase and quote-ables. Featuring art from ubiquitous superstar graphic artist Craig Horky, the 8 songs on this release stand as a primer for those about to enter uninspiring working class midwestern life. Frank and Earnest, much like the comic strip characters, deliver honest and heartfelt observations through a full-time shit-eating grin. A must for fans of the Lawrence Arms, Lucero or anyone that enjoys solid, catchy singer-songwriter rock n’ roll. (co-release w/ Bermuda Mohawk Productions!) $5
CD Out of Print, download at bandcamp.

MK Ultra Culkin “Homeland Insecurity” (GTG037)

Post-hardcore punk revival with a wicked sense of humor, these punk rock soldiers have been slaving away in dank basements and dive bars for years, delivering an intense attack of a live show whether playing to a packed space or an empty room. Soupy guitars that recall a spaced-out Greg Ginn wash over the wall of distorted bass and harsh cymbals that always seem to be on the verge of losing control but somehow hang together, while Liz Garcia’s wide-eyed vocal shrieks and murmurs flail atop the rush of noise. Loud and fast with no time given to think about what’s going on; this band is a frantic journey of dissonance that will leave you bewildered. (co-release with Silver Maple Kill Records!) $5

The Plurals/ Honah Lee “Lick It EP Split” (GTG034)

A 16 minute musical joyride with three new songs from Lansing, Michigan’s perennial “post-fun” power trio The Plurals, and three tales of hard-partying working-man powerpop courtesy of Trenton, NJ’s Honah Lee. The three Plurals each sing a new song, rushing by in a blur of pop, atmosphere, noise, and frustration, while Honah Lee kick your ass with some of the catchiest and in-your-face hooky pop/rock that Rivers Cuomo wishes he could still write. This EP is the sound of two bands on a roll, hitting the road with full-force and hoping they crash into each other. $5

You can also download this record at bandcamp.

Narc Out the Reds “… Are on the Run” (GTG033)

Frantic, disjointed, constantly- moving, paranoid sounding pop/ rock, orbiting in some post-punk world between Cheap Trick and Shudder to Think. Chris Baratono’s powerful vocals, ranging from sweet, Queen-esque falsetto to gut-wrenching screams, are the cherry on top of the engaging noise-pop musical attack, and the hooks are so catchy they’ll be drilled into your skull before the end of this disc’s first spin. Put it on and hit repeat, and pretend that no one is watching you. $5

The Hat Madder “Rogue Notes and Phones” (GTG031)

Michigan trio that fully embodies the fusion of pop and noise that the mitten specializes in. Fuzzy guitars, pummeling drums, big choruses, and sugary vocals swim around with ambient keyboards in an anthemic noise-pop stew. Led by sound wizard Isaac Vander Schuur, these guys employ a tri-vocal attack and an intense energy at live shows that is almost tiring to watch. Rock and roll that will blow your mind and your ears. CD Out of Print. Download at Big Gig Productions.

The Break-Ups/ Head and Toe “GTG Sessions” (GTG027)

Split album from GTG mainstays, as well as a final offering from Lansing folk favorites Head and Toe. 5 songs apiece, with big guitars and sizzling pop from The Break-Ups, gentle melodies and stirring strings from Head and Toe, and lush vocal harmonies throughout. Download at bandcamp for pay-what-you-want!

The Plurals “The Broadside Sessions” (GTG025)

5 songs pumped out in one day, mostly live, with noisier, punkier textures from the Lansing trio. $5

You can also download this record at bandcamp.

The Plurals “Whatevers Forever” (GTG021).

10 song full-length of heavy pop and spacey stuff chock full of harmonies and storming guitars. $5

The Break-Ups “Skulls and Stuff” (GTG020)

7 song cycle of youthful emotions, ranging from the frustration of “Beautiful Tragedy,” “Pratt Lake Road,” and “Revolution Summer,” the anger of “The Bodyguard,” the maturing sadness of “Loyal,” the jubilation of “New Wave Jessi,” and the painful honesty of “Pure,” all wrapped up in a dense 90s alt rock flavor akin to Hum or Foo Fighters, soaked in group vocal harmonies both haunting and sweet. Download at bandcamp for pay-what-you-want!

Full GTG Catalog List

7 Dec

Updated 11/11/2015

GTG082 Various Artists “Time To Val Kilmer
Released 5/12/2015
GTG081: Various Artists “Another One of Those Equinoxes Vol 2
Released 4/7/2015
GTG080: Dreadpool Parker “Dreadpool Parker” CD (GTG080)
Released 10/9/2015
GTG079: The Hat Madder “Live In St. Tropez” CD/digital
Released 6/9/2015
GTG078: The Plurals “An Onion Tied To My Belt” LP/CD (co-release with Infintesmal Records and Diet Pop Records)
Released 7/21/2015
GTG077: Honah Lee “33 on 45” LP
Released 2/28/2015
GTG076: Various Artists “Bermuda Snohawk 2014
Released 12/23/2014
GTG075: The Plurals “Chazzwazzers” EP
Released 12/2/2014
GTG074: The Break-Ups “Frankie’s Baby” EP
Released 10/18/2014
GTG073: Various Artists “Another One of Those Equinoxes
Released 10/18/2014
GTG072: The Fiction Junkies “Morbidly Obtuse” EP/CD
Released 10/18/2014
GTG071: Frank and Earnest “Modern Country” CD
Released 9/6/2014
GTG070: Cave Needles “Cave Needles” CD
Released 6/28/2014
GTG069.69: The Hunky Newcomers “Penis Time” EP
Released 6/21/2014
GTG069: The Hunky Newcomers “Secret of the Booze” LP
Released 2/9/2014
GTG068: Bermuda Snohawk 2013
Released 12/27/2013
GTG067: Narc Out the Reds “Have Just Enough to Cover Up” EP/CD
Released 11/13/2013
GTG066: Gates of Steel “Discography”
Released 10/8/2013 (free download available here)
GTG065: Molly Rhythm “
It Is What It Isn’t
Released 5/30/2013
GTG064: The Plurals / Black Sparrow Press split 7-inch
Released 4/1/2014
GTG063: Various Artists “
GTG Records: It’s Fine
Released 6/11/2013
Cat Midway LP
Released 6/29/2013
GTG061: Various Artists “
Bermuda Snowhawk 2012” CD
Released 12/22/2012
GTG060: The Hat Madder “
Orgy Opposite” LP
Released 12/4/2012
GTG059: The Need You Nows “
Joey Lawrence Pubic Domain” EP
Released 10/6/2012
GTG058: Not the Bees! “
Another Hour to Burn” CD/EP
Released 9/25/2012
GTG057: Various Artists “Bermuda Snowhawk 2011” CD (co-release w/ BMP! Download it
Released 12/22/2011
GTG056: Various Artists “
Secret Identities: Lansing Covers Lansing” CD (co-release w/ LansingMusicTV)
Released 1/6/2012
GTG055: Small Houses “North” CD
Released 10/6/2011
GTG054: Drinking Mercury “
Orcades” CD
Released 9/3/2011
Edible Intention CD (co-release with Silver Maple Kill)
Released 8/10/2011
GTG052: Narc Out the Reds “Pawnmower / Leak in the Disease” 7-inch single
Released 7/21/2011
GTG051: Frank and Earnest / The Plurals “
Funemployment” split 7-inch
Released 6/24/2011
GTG050: Josh David and the Dream Jeans “Can You Believe We Landed on the Moon?” CD
Released 6/24/2011
GTG049: Honah Lee “Life Won’t Let Me”
Released 6/17/2011
GTG048: Small Houses “Just Before the North” EP
Released 4/28/2011
GTG047: The Plurals “
The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective
Released 5/21/2011
GTG046: Various Artists “The Metaphorical Steven”
Released 4/5/2011 (available for free download
GTG045: Drinking Mercury “Words”
Released 1/22/2011
GTG044: Bermuda Snowhawk 2010 (available for free download
Released 12/31/2010
GTG043: The Plurals “Austin Gump” (available
Released 12/4/2010
GTG042: Various Artists “
Explosions! Lansing Salutes Devo
Released 12/3/2010
GTG041: Various Artists “No More Tomorrow Baby! A Tribute to KISS”
Released 12/3/2010
GTG040: Fade to Black “
Live in Lansing” (available for download here)
Released 2/22/2011
GTG039: Stargrazer “Trieste”
Released 11/25/2010
GTG038: Frank and Earnest “
Old Francis
Released 7/10/2010
GTG037: MK Ultra Culkin “
Homeland Insecurity
Released 5/17/2010
GTG036: The Guest Stars “The High Life”
Released 4/17/2010
GTG035: Fade to Black “
Black is Back
Released 6/8/2010
GTG034: The Plurals/ Honah Lee “Lick-It EP Split”
Released 4/10/2010
GTG033: Narc Out the Reds “… Are on the Run”
Released 4/10/2010
GTG032: Small Houses “Our Dusking Sound”
Released 2/27/2010
GTG031: The Hat Madder “
Rogue Notes and Phones
Released 2/6/2010
GTG030: Various Artists “Bermuda Snowhawk 2009″ (co-release w/ BMP)
Released 12/19/2009 (free download available
GTG029: The Plurals “Live: Close Your Eyes and Floor It”
Released 10/5/2009 (free download available
GTG028: Various Artists “GTG Fest 2009 Compilation”
Released 7/11/2009
GTG027: The Break-Ups / Head and Toe “GTG Sessions”
Released 7/11/2009
GTG026: Too Much Too Fast Too Soon “Fresh N Tight”
Released 7/11/2009
GTG025: The Plurals “The Broadside Sessions”
Released 7/11/2009
GTG024: J. Quentin “Read Me May” (co-release with High City Records)
Released 7/3/2009
GTG023: Jason Alarm “Engage!” (co-release with Bermuda Mohawk Productions)
Released 5/29/2009
GTG022: Various Artists “Bermuda Snowhawk 2008″ (co-release with Bermuda Mohawk Productions)
Released 12/19/2008
GTG021: The Plurals “Whatevers Forever” (co-release with Bermuda Mohawk Productions)
Released 8/2/2008
GTG020: The Break-Ups “Skulls and Stuff”
Released 7/26/2008
GTG019: A Paschal Circus “Oh Baby Kick the Dead Horse”
Released 5/16/2008
GTG018: Head and Toe “City of Leaves”
Released 5/6/2008
GTG017: The Knights Without “Putting A Positive Spin on a Train Wreck”
Released 4/5/2008 (free download available
GTG016: Head and Toe “Let the Air In”
GTG015: Various Artists “Situations At Hand”
Released 12/1/2007
GTG014: The Knights Without “The Otter EP”
Released 6/16/2007
GTG013: The Break-Ups “Blush Noisette”
Released 5/12/2007
GTG012: Head and Toe “The Interstate 80 Album”
Released 5/19/2007
GTG011: The Break-Ups “Rosa Gallica”
Released 12/1/2006
GTG010: The Plurals “Professor Nanners”
Released 3/1/2007 (free download available

GTG001-9 consist of extremely limited CD-R copies of demos that were handmade by the mostly teenage Plurals and sometimes Mr. Sleeping Timmy minutes before attempting to sell them at shows. They are listed here for completists’ sake, and because we were dumb enough to give them catalog numbers.
GTG009: Josh Hanger “Kill For Peace EP”
Released 5/11/2006
GTG008: Hattie “The Waiting EP”
Released 4/22/2006
GTG007: Drinking Mercury “Way”
Released 5/11/2006 (free download available here)
GTG006: unreleased My Apology album
GTG005: The Break-Ups “The George McFly EP”
Released 5/11/2006
GTG004: The Plurals “The Stopgap EP”
Released 1/28/2006
GTG003: The Plurals “A Very Live Thing”
Released 10/30/2005
GTG002: My Apology “Dream In Past Tense”
Released 5/13/2005
GTG001: The Plurals “A Very Good Thing”
Released 8/4/2005